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Our barber shop provides clients a fantastic service and an enjoyable experience
At Black Lotus Barbers, we have our very own exclusive range of grooming products
Black Lotus Barbers, Stirling offers Children's Haircuts, Male Grooming, Women’s Barbering, Beard Trimming & Skin Fades

Black Lotus Barbers

Established in 2019 by founder Amy Wright, Black Lotus Barbers is an appointment-based barber shop in the heart of Stirling. 

Our barber shop provides clients a fantastic service and an enjoyable experience
Our barber shop has an exclusive range of Black Lotus Barbers apparel available to buy in-store
Black Lotus Barbers - the outside of our barber shop at 38 Upper Craigs, Stirling
Black Lotus Barbers is a barber shop that maintains consistent high standards on all of our cuts

We offer our clients an inclusive, comfortable environment while maintaining consistent high standards on all of our cuts. Black Lotus Barbers strive to provide more than just a haircut – we offer a fantastic service and an enjoyable experience.

We also have our very own exclusive range of grooming products and apparel – all available to buy in-store.

We are passionate about being the very best at what we do – book an appointment, grab a beer and experience Black Lotus Barbers for yourself.

Black Lotus Barbers founder, Amy Wright
I’m Amy, founder and owner of Black Lotus Barbers.

My career started at the age of 15, when I started an apprenticeship in hairdressing, once qualified I worked as hairdresser for a year before taking the opportunity to go travelling.

Travelling took me to the States where I worked for Camp America where I became the unofficial onsite hairdresser, due to the mass amounts of gents this is where I learned the basic skills and techniques of barbering and where my love of barbering began.

After 4 years of traveling, I decided to come back to Scotland to continue my barbering journey, where I have been lucky enough to work with some incredible barbers, this gave me the opportunity to master the trade and perfect new techniques.

Having worked in the industry for 6 years, the next step in my career would be to bring the experience I’ve gained to my own barber shop in my hometown of Stirling. My vision was to create an all inclusive, sophisticated and relaxed environment for everyone who walks through the door, while continuing to keep my standards consistently high.

In an industry with no boundaries, I aim to continue expanding my knowledge and push myself in the profession that I love.

Carrick, Barber at Black Lotus Barbers
I’m Carrick, Barber at Black Lotus. I started here shortly after the shop opened as an apprentice, after going to college and getting my barbering qualification, I worked my way up from Junior Barber to eventually dropping the ‘Junior’ title, after a year of committing myself to learning the craft.

My key focus is to make my clients feel great, whether it’s through a strong new look or a classic clean cut. I aim to create a relaxed and professional environment for everyone that sits in my chair.

I am passionate about the industry and bringing my own style to it, and I am keen to make that show in my work.

Aidan, Barber at Black Lotus Barbers
I’m Aidan. Barber at Black Lotus.

I started off in college in Caithness about 6 years ago where I completed SVQ level 2 and 3 in hairdressing.
I came out of college and started working in a woman’s hair salon, after a while I decided to branch out into cutting mens hair. I quickly discovered that I was more interested in the expanding my barbering knowledge and more comfortable working within the barbering industry.

I decided to move to Edinburgh where I continued and developed my skills. Gaining experience in a couple of barber shops around Edinburgh and working with Amy in one of them. I had the opportunity to work in Benjamin’s Barber Shop – one of Edinburgh’s best – for 2 years. After staying close friends with Amy, I made the decision to move to Stirling to work in Black Lotus in August of 2020.

I strive on precision. Looking forward to what the future holds

“I think Amy has worked out that the key to offering a good service is consistency. Offering customers value for money in a relaxed atmosphere. Her playlist is awesome as well.” – Ceri M
“Amy really does a great job with my hair. Always an enjoyable visit, good chat and great music too!” – Sean H
“Amy is such a delight and is honestly so good at what she does. An amazing business and by far the best in Stirling! Will definitely be back!” – Ben H

We offer:

• Children’s Haircuts • Male Grooming • Women’s Barbering
• Beard Trimming • Skin Fades 

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We offer:

• Children’s Haircuts
• Male Grooming
• Women’s Barbering
• Beard Trimming
• Skin Fades 

Book yourself an appointment today!